The Website Installer inside our Web Control Panel will provide you with a quick and simple way to set up a completely new web site that has a custom appearance within 5 min’s. It just takes just 4 easy steps for your site to be online. You can choose from more than two hundred available website themes and just as soon as everything is ready, you’ll be able to deal with your new site with ease. We are going to provide you with sign–in credentials for the administrator’s area and you should be able to begin incorporating completely new site pages right away. If perhaps, at any time, you need guidance – our tech team members will be available night and day, able to aid you.

The Website Installer can be obtained with every Linux web hosting packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages package coming using the Web Control Panel.

A convenient Webpage Installer

Making a website is as simple as one–two–three

Constructing a website completely from scratch could be very hard if you do not have at least an elementary grade of CSS and HTML expertise. You should know something JavaScript and PHP also. With our Website Installer, you don’t need to have any site building know–how to launch a customizable site. You can select between more than two hundred templates and swiftly modify the selected theme based on your requirements without needing to create any kind of code in the backend.

If you do not like the final result – head back and start up once more. It requires simply 4 basic steps, and as soon as you arrive at step # 4 – you’ll have your site installed and ready to go.

Easy-to-use Website Installer

More than 200 Design Themes to choose from

Pick the right style and design for your website

Within the Web Control Panel, you will find a selection of custom–made web templates for use on your individual and/or organization website. Regardless of whether you desire to launch your own personal blog site, community site or maybe a organization account, you can find a ready made layout option available for you that you could additional customize according to your taste.’s designers are implementing new themes, so we will be upgrading our set routinely.

200+ Free Templates

Night–and–day Tech Support

Our web hosting support members are at hand 24/7

The support staff is made up of professionals who have worked quite a few years in the web hosting sector. They’re taught to handle various difficulties and are available 24x7, able to guide you. Furthermore, we’ve got Regularly Asked Questions and a lot of video lessons.

Plus, we offer a one–hour response time period guarantee, meaning that you’ll get a response to your inquiry at the earliest opportunity. The average reply–back time frame is within twenty minutes.

24/7 Support